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Class discussion 7

" The programme provided a time to assess my role as a manager in a challenging yet caring context, with peers and experienced faculty"

Online- 2022 Participant 

Copenhagen, Denmark- 2018 Participant 

“I liked the mix of participants – experience and background as well as faculty members, all had their own expertise and style which complemented the flow and structure of the course. The programme was fluid and conducive of learning, providing opportunities to think, reflect and question and apply this approach to our own situations. The organizers found a very subtle and clever way to create a safe environment for participants to be able to share their challenges as well as provide support and solutions to their peers.”

Online- 2021 Participant

"It’s been an amazing experience, great content and teaching. Fantastic facilitation and a really diverse, insightful and friendly group of participants."

Dublin, Ireland- 2017 Participant 

"This was a management / leadership programme with a difference. It does not tell me how to manage rather helps me understand how to interact with others by better understanding myself."

Online- 2022 Participant

"Thank  you to you all for sharing your stories, honestlyand openly and for bringing insight. Was worried about how it would work, and over zoom - but it has been amazing."

Yokohama, Japan- 2015 Participant 

"The Yokohama RoundTables event was amazing, and life changing in so many levels. It was a highly insightful exercise with like-minded managers from all over the world, where everybody brought something to the table. The collective experience, knowledge and skills were immeasurable and the facilitation.... led to a perfect environment for self-reflection and mutual coaching. The ripple effect is still ongoing and I am convinced it will not stop."

Online- 2021 Participant

"Well done to the faculty for the quality and efficiency of delivery, it’s been inspirational. Thanks to all for their contributions and insights, I feel there has been a great deal of wisdom openly given."
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