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Upcoming events

Find out about Alumni and information events here. 

Our Alumni events are a chance for past participants to gather to be reminded of the key takeaways from the program with our wonderful faculty. There is the opportunity to discuss your experience of these tools with others. We welcome those interested in joining the programme too and just want to find out more. 

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Alumni Event- 9 May 2024
With Joel Hall
5pm BST / 12pm EST

Joel Hall, is based in the United Kingdom and originally from New Zealand. With a strong cultural identity as a Māori New Zealander, Joel is deeply passionate about sustainability and the intersection of business behaviour with societal impact.

Joel's professional journey has included the opportunity to be appointed a trustee of a community charity at the age of 18, subsequently becoming its chairman, and onto the Board of Workwise at age 21. These insights informed his academics to explore the behavior of corporate board directors in adopting social sustainability practices, a topic he presented at the International Leadership Conference in Copenhagen last December.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Joel's love for travel has taken him to over 30 countries, enriching his understanding of cultural diversity and its role in building a sustainable society. Join Joel as he shares his personal journey, insights on identity in leadership, and the results of his groundbreaking research at an upcoming event. 

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Responsible Leadership in Practice with Mias De Klerk

Join experienced RoundTables faculty member, Prof Mias De Klerk as he shares his thoughts on what responsible leadership leadership looks like in the work place and at home. Take the opportunity to connect with fellow RTs alumni on their experience and enjoy networking across the globe from the comfort of your home. 

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The Five Minds of a Manager is the title of a 2003 HBR article by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg describing the 5 mindsets: Action, Reflection, Collaboration, Worldliness and Analysis. This framework has been helpful for 20 years of leadership formation, self-assessment, culture change, quality improvement and organisational development. It is also central to the design of the RoundTables for Experienced Managers. 

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