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If you want to know how to manage with more impact and better connections to the people around you, this course is for you. You will analyse in detail the main challenges you face, with input from International faculty and – even more importantly – experienced managers from around the world. This is an unusual opportunity to examine the complex reality you manage, especially the aspects that cant be solved by an off-the-shelf quick fix. Rather, you will be guided through a ‘slow fix’ – and by the end of the week you will be clear about what to do.

At the same time you will have gained deep insight into management in other cultures and industries, working on the challenges faced by peers from all over the world – experienced managers dedicated to a level of understanding that goes beyond abstract theory or first impressions.

Our courses are about connecting – to peers, to your values, to humane and effective ways of managing. We look forward to getting to know you and the managerial challenges you face.

Many attend as part of their Executive MBA programme at leading international business schools. Others are entrepreneurs or employees of international and local companies, and we keep a few places for professional consultants, policy-makers and political leaders.  

Click on a course below to find out more about how it might fit your needs and experience. 

White man in his 60s listening to coloured woman talking

'Pelevation programs' are a suite of interventions and formal courses designed to improve the quality of leadership through partnerships with colleagues around the world.


These include a Japanese-language RoundTables (with Yokahama National University), and customised programmes in various places.  


Are you interested in running your own RoundTables? Click here for more information.

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