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More About One Planet Leadership

One Planet Leadership is concerned with the profound relations between humans and Nature, and how to make these more fruitful through our working lives. It recognises connections and interdependencies between ecology and economy, and between personal motives, organisational purpose and wider society. 

Businesses face ever greater tensions between serving their immediate stakeholders (investors, customers, employees) and the wider publics likely to be affected by their company’s activities – including as-yet unborn generations and distant eco-systems. What should leaders be responsible for? The actual priorities for any particular organisation are often conflicted and more a matter of judgement than calculation.  

International NGOs and public organisations face parallel dilemmas: Polarising tendencies in global politics can drive  a wedge through inclusiveness; localisation, mistrust of institutions and declining agency for technical expertise all challenge established hierarchies. Who has legitimate authority, and who will be held accountable to  stakeholders with different interests?  All this puts greater emphasis on listening, understanding and wise responsiveness.


The One Planet Leadership programs described on this site provide the opportunity to develop worldly-wise perspectives and peer-to-peer relationships: qualities that will be crucial for many careers and certainly for sustainability transitions by businesses and governments. 

In this section of the website we describe the main benefits for working people joining the RoundTables for Experienced Mangers; and for full-time students taking the module Choices for the Rising Generation. 

See also pages for university faculty, professional OD facilitators and leadership development experts. 

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Our programs are designed to explore how things get done in a cross-cultural world, and how to work more effectively. Participants and faculty collaborate in a structured process of analysis, representation, and friendly consulting.

The programs are in 3 parts:

1. The purpose and nature of managerial work and leadership in complex situations.  

2. Looking at how leadership is accomplished in a number of other organisations and cultures.

3. Application to your own circumstances. 


The contribution of each individual is key, as we are concerned with the reality of leading and managing - however complex it might seem. 

The Learning Approach

Where does this approach come from?

The programs have a reputation for both thoughtfulness and pragmatism. It is unusual in several ways: it is centred around the current managerial challenges that participants face in their jobs; there are very few formal lectures – but skilled and experienced faculty work alongside participants in structured activities – not role-play or management games: but detailed and sustained facilitation, based on innovative concepts and techniques. Many of these and the design principles are described in Gosling and Mintzberg's books and papers. 

Someare described in more detail on this website; but often the most important ingredients are the conversations that happen in between, amongst participants and with faculty.

For example, on our RoundTables for Experienced Managers you will interview some managers and leaders in another participant's organisation. You will also have to arrange for 2 - 3 of your work colleagues (or other stakeholders) to be interviewed on-line at specific times during the course. Details and guidance will be provided for how to make this successful and fruitful for you and your colleagues​

PRME- i5 Playbook

Transforming Business Education with 5 Impactful Methods

UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) has created a Playbook specifically designed to enhance teaching practices in the fields of business education, responsible management education (RME), leadership education, sustainable development, and more. 


The i5 sit at the heart of The RoundTables for Experienced Managers. Using practical strategies for engagement across many classrooms, in many countries and cultures,  we foster a dynamic learning environment for students and staff. 

IDG Mindsets.png

Inner Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and One Planet Leadership Programs are interconnected through their shared emphasis on fostering holistic, sustainable growth. IDGs focus on nurturing the inner capacities of individuals, such as mindfulness, empathy, and resilience, which are crucial for effective and ethical leadership. These personal development goals align seamlessly with the One Planet Leadership Programs, which aim to cultivate leaders who can drive systemic change towards a sustainable and equitable world. 

Program Manager Miriam Gosling Gage Co-Founded Wise Thinking Partners. A hub and network exploring how to use the IDGs in every day life and coaching. 

About Pelumbra Ltd

A family run business lead by Jonathan Gosling and his daughter Miriam Gage. We are a consultancy practice that supports organisations (and activists within them) in making transitions towards more productive and sustainable ways of working.

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