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Student Programs

Choices For The Rising Generation

Designed for full-time students and others who are figuring out where to put their energies, how best to go about it, and how it fits with what is happening in other parts of the global economy. 

The programs illuminates  five managerial mindsets - reflective, analytic, worldly, collaborative and action-oriented. Bringing these into the scope of complex, fast-changing contexts will help you to make best use of your innate wisdom.


During the first two sections you will learn how to analyse the 'soft influencing' processes of management. The focus will be your own managerial and leadership work, and clarifying what 'good' looks and feels like. This will be an international, multi-cultural and multi-lingual group, so appreciating the 'differences that matter' is crucial for effective leadership. It will require a truly worldly mindset and you’ll use methods you can immediately apply at work.


By the third section we will be ready to explore diverse business ecosystems, and you will visit (on-line) the workplaces and meet colleagues of other class members - as they will visit your workplace and colleagues. (Preparation for this is part of the pre-course assignment). This is a unique opportunity to compare managerial cultures and to gain external perspectives on your workplace. The focus on realities of participants' managerial and leadership work is a unique, highly valued aspect of this programme.



In the fourth section- you will learn and deploy a dynamic, structured consulting method to re-frame your own managerial challenges. This will be one of several practical take-aways from the course.



In the fifth section we concentrate on purpose, leadership and community-ship. Our individual working lives, the organisations we serve and the communities we belong to can really make a difference towards a better world. There's no preaching - but tough and important questions to address.

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What the programs give participants:


  • One Planet Leadership - perspective, knowledge and methods

  • Sustainability and responsibility in the contemporary world

  • Regenerative enterprise

  • The 5 mindsets of management: Reflective, analytic, worldly, collaborative and action

  • Practical peer-learning methods - coaching ourselves

  • Cross-cultural understanding

  • International network

  • Work alongside world-leading professors

  • Consultancy on their own managerial challenges and opportunities

  • Leadership development

  • Soft skills for managing

  • Certification by renowned business schools

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