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Executive Programs 

One Planet Leadership:
RoundTables for Experienced Managers

April 2025

 Enhancing responsibility and authority as citizens and leaders


Since Covid, there is less travel and integration between faculties and students across the globe; there seems to more ‘othering’ of foreigners or misfits in ‘our space’; and all this despite great efforts to encourage inclusivity and diversity. 


Businesses, face greater tensions between serving their immediate stakeholders (investors, customers, employees) and wider publics likely to be affected by their company’s activities – including as-yet unborn generations and distant eco-systems. What should leaders be responsible for? The SDGs attempt an answer, but actual priorities for any particular organisation are often conflicted and more a matter of judgement than calculation.  


INGOs and public organisations face parallel dilemmas: As well as the polarising tendencies in global politics, the post-colonial turn towards localisation creates serious challenges to established hierarchies. What constitutes legitimate authority is shifting, along with trust in institutions and the agency that is willingly granted to traditional forms of expertise. All this puts greater emphasis on listening, understanding and wise responsiveness. 


 This is a program that brings together managers from across the world with a focus on the lived experiences of taking up responsibility and authority as managers and as citizens in different parts of the world. 

The Program Plan


Citizen and Leader

Introducing the resources in the group and our way of working. Focus on managing and leading – How are they done, in practice?


Below the Surface of Management

Concepts and skills for working with the complex realities of being human, being creative and being part of a wider world.


Accomplishing Management

In-depth observations 

observations and interviews with managers in other organisations, to understand power, responsibility and getting things done.


Managing in Action

Case-by-case consultation on the actions you can take.


One Planet Leader

The effects of good management on wider society and value-creation.


€600 + VAT 

€400 + VAT  for returning RoundTables alumni. Including alumni from  IMHL and  IMPM programs. 

€500 + VAT Attending with a RoundTables alumni

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