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Choices for the Rising Generation

One Planet Leadership is a much bigger proposition than being a manager in a company. Leadership plays a big part in campaigns, communities and any initiative to bring more beauty, wellbeing and justice to the world. But knowing what to do is not just a matter of personal preferences: we have to find out what people in other parts he word are facing, and connect our priorities to theirs. This worldly-ness is a prerequisite for One Planet Leadership.

So we aim to launch a Module that brings together students from different parts of the world, to build understanding, solidarity and wiser choices about where to put your efforts.

This module will be offered by a consortium of universities affiliated to the United Nations 'Principles for Responsible Management Education' (PRME). 

The program is designed to focus on your experience of initiatives to improve the world, to prevent harm and to make a better future.  You will compare these experiences with peers in other parts of the world through structured exchanges and you will learn skills for collaborative activism that will also be valuable in most careers. You will also be challenged and inspired to think deeply and creatively about the choices you make:  how you spend your money and energy, your career and ideals.

Black man in shirt and humber looking away and an asian woman is looking and smiling at him.

More information to follow shortly. 

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