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Asian male with hand raised discussing with mixed colleagues

 One Planet Leadership

The programs described on this site aim to support people who want to understand more about taking a lead to improve their companies, communities, societies - and careers.


You will find three kinds of programs:

1. RoundTables for Experienced Managers, focusing in the current challenges faced by people in positions of authority and responsibility, all round the world. 

2. Choices for the Rising Generation, designed for full-time students and others who are figuring out where to put their energies, how best to go about it, and how it fits with what is happening in other parts of the global economy.

3. Facilitator Tracks, to train and support professional consultants, facilitators and organisers who are pursuing similar missions in their own work.

These are all in support of One Planet Leadership.
We all inhabit the same planet and are all dependent on the same at-risk ecosystems. Yet the particular bits of earth we stand on, the worlds of meaning we inhabit and the opportunities for wealth and service are wonderfully varied.   One Planet Leadership recognises both the unity and diversity. It is characterised by a 'worldly' mindset, the practical wisdom that we recognise in the ability to hold in mind the many-sidedness of any serious challenge.

Two coloured women. One is listening whilst the other talks

"Don't go on this program to learn from textbooks, it's about development from emotional intelligence and people."

Santiago, Chile- 2019  Participant

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